2015 – Blender Conference talk: Simulating materials with unusual microstructures

While building a larger scene with Blender, I came across several materials that puzzled me for some time. They were not easily simulated with simple shaders, but required careful observation before a visually convincing material could be built.

In my Blender Conference talk, I present these cases and my solutions to the problems:

  • Retroreflectors
  • CRT TVs
  • Security holograms
  • Wooden surfaces with glossy anomalies
  • Lenticular print simulations with working stereoscopic effects!

radeke_blenderconference2015_online.pdf (8,3 MB)

Presentation slideshow without videos

lenticular_pack.zip (606 KB)

Lenticular simulation package. Contains a setup to create image sequences from a 3D scene, a Processing 3.0 script to interlace such sequences and a simple lenticular lens simulation example.

retroreflector.zip (810 KB)

Geometric and shader-based retroreflector examples

security_hologram_fake.zip (675 KB)

Fake security hologram example

subpixel_example.zip (463 KB)

PC-CRT, LCD and TV-CRT subpixel example setup

wood_normals.zip (985 KB)

Wood grain glossiness shift demonstration